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The programme aims at strengthening ecumenical fellowship and collaboration at international, regional, national and local levels. It also looks at enhancing ecumenical reflection and information sharing and celebrations among member churches.

Under this programme, a number of initiatives have been undertaken with the sole aim of strengthening the ecumenical fellowship among member churches and these include;

Week of prayer for Christian Unity

This is a time put aside in the ecumenical movement to promote unity among Christian. This week is celebrated from 18th January- 25th January of every year under selected themes. UJCC joins the World in praying for Christian unity during this week, with ecumenical services being conducted and attended by three member churches.

World Women Day of Prayer (WWDP)

This is an internationally recognized day which is celebrated by the Ecumenical women of the UJCC member churches in Uganda. This day is set aside every year for prayer for the ecumenical women and is celebrated every first Friday of the March under selected themes.

UJCC Ecumenical women host these celebrations on a rotational basis among the member churches and the ecumenical women also use this platform to promote unity and togetherness among the women but also advocate for issues affecting the women.

Ecumenical Public way of the Cross celebrations

The Public way of cross is an annual celebration done under different selected themes. The celebrations that are held with processions from the different parts within Kampala to Nakivubo Stadium are done on Good Friday. These celebrations are coordinated by the UJCC Public way of the cross preparation committee.Though National celebrations are held in Kampala, a number of Upcountry dioceses/districts are facilitated to hold similar celebrations.

The Public way of the cross celebrations also create an opportunity for the church to have advocacy platforms for a number of issues among which are not limited to: gender based violence, Child abuse, human sacrifice, climate change, corruption and free and fair elections.


UJCC holds its Annual General Meeting also Known as plenary in May every year under different selected themes. The Plenary is well attended with delegates representing all the dioceses of the UJCC member churches. Among the delegates to the plenary include Archbishops, Bishops, the clergy, and representatives of women, youth and People with Disabilities drawn from all parts of the country. .

Plenary provides the space for the Church leaders to reflect on UJCC’s work, and had discussions on socio-economic issues that affect quality life and together forge a way forward. Among the pertinent issues discussed are; ritual murders, abortion, homosexuality and lesbianism, corruption, good governance, human dignity, the fight against poverty, conflict resolution, civic education and Election observation.

Plenary is also a platform used to advocate for a number of issue through a plenary statement that is read to a press conference by the UJCC Archbishops.