Vision: Christian witness through harmonious co-existence
Mission: To promote consensus among men, women, youth and children in member churches to uphold Christian values and address issues of economic and social justice through representatives at various levels.
Motto: Growing and serving together in Christian teachings.

Core Values

UJCC upholds her dignity through the following five values:

  1. Christian Love: Christian love demands kindness, understanding, meekness, fairness and consistency in performing your duties. We shall therefore endeavor to witness and serve our target communities and engage with all our stakeholders in the spirit of love, compassion, charity and selflessness.
  2. Justice: Justice entails treating all people equally and fairly in all spheres of life. It also encompasses advocating for people who are not able to speak out for themselves. We shall therefore go all-out to pursue policies and programmes that promote the dignity and rights of all people living in Uganda including their right of access to social services such as education, medical and healthcare services and employment opportunities on the basis of fairness and equality.
  3. Truthfulness: The truth is powerful, liberating weapon. Truthfulness builds confidence and trust. The truth sets free all those who are crucified on the basis of falsehood. We shall therefore make every effort to vigorously promote and foster the principles of transparency, accountability and integrity in the conduct of public affairs.
  4. Reconciliation: Reconciliation is an instrument of healing broken relationships. It restores and liberates people from the yoke of bitterness, vengeful spirit, and recrimination. We shall therefore endeavor to pursue policies and programmes that promote reconciliation, healing and recovery among individuals and communities living under conflict.
  5. Peace: Peace is a gift by God to all mankind. Lack of peace whether in the family, the community or the nation constitutes a danger to the enjoyment of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms and realization of people’s aspirations for development. We shall therefore strive to mobilize our constituents to pursue policies and programmes that promote peace at all levels. We shall advocate for the culture of peaceful resolution of conflicts at family, community, national, regional and international levels.


In order to effectively fulfill her pledge of growing and serving together the people of Uganda, the following objectives guide the work of UJCC:

  • To fulfill the Great Mission of preaching the Gospel (Math 28:18-20).
  • To work towards greater mutual understanding and unity among the member churches.
  • To achieve cooperation by means of consultation, coordination, and action on practical matters of common interest among member churches
  • To carry on constructive engagements with member churches, the Government, and other organizations to resolve conflicts, enhance harmonious coexistence and uphold human dignity.
  • To enhance the capacity of the Secretariat and other ecumenical organs
  • To promote a culture of justice and reconciliation necessary for peace
  • To promote human rights, democracy and good governance
  • To promote economic social justice and Christian cultural values
  • To promote Christian education and other social programmes
  • To do any other thing for the purposes of attaining the above objectives