This programme aims at increasing active participation of all organs in the implementation of the strategic plan; increasing UJCC financial resource base for sustainability; improving performance of UJCC organs at all levels; strengthening operational systems and mechanisms of UJCC; and improving research, documentation, advocacy and communication for all its programmes.

This programme focus has got three units at the Secretariat;

  1. Finance and Administration
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation
  3. Research, Advocacy and communication

1. Finance and Administration

This department handles the financial, Administration and the Human Resource Management components of the council.

a) Financial Management

With guidance of the Finance and Administration Committee, the Unit handles issues of financial management, and accounting using Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) and the principles of cash accounting process (ACCRUAL).

The Unit is also responsible for seeing to it that UJCC Financial reports are audited twice each year in consideration of the International Accounting and Audit Standards (IAS) and GAAP.
The unit is also tasked with fundraising for the council.

b) Administration

The unit is responsible for the general handling of Administration within the Secretariat. It is in charge of general Administration issues and logistics of ensuring that adequate equipment, utilities and machinery are available in office and that they are properly maintained and keeps an updated asset register for inventory.

c) Management and Administration Systems

The unit is mandated to review and operationalise systems, mechanisms and procedures aimed at institutional strengthening in areas of finance and administration, research, documentation, information, communication, monitoring and evaluation.

UJCC has got a number of policies, strategies and manuals that the unit is tasked to enforce and review when the need arises among which; UJCC Constitution; UJCC Strategic Plan; Financial and Accounting Regulations manual; UJCC Operational Manual; Staff terms and condition of Service; Procurement Manual; Fundraising and resource mobilization strategy; Visibility strategy; Research, Advocacy and Communication Strategy; Gender Policy; and the HIV/AIDS Workplace policy.

d) Human Resource Management

The unit is also tasked with Human Resource planning and development. Among the duties it is tasked with are staff recruitment; staff appraisal; staff development; staff welfare; and staff management.

2. Monitoring and Evaluation

This unit offers support to other programmes within the Council in monitoring and evaluation. Monitoring and Evaluation is a measure used to assess performance in order to learn and manage results more effectively and inform decision-making. The log frame in the Strategic Plan is a tool used to conduct monitoring and special attention is given to the strategic objectives, results and indicators.

Monitoring and Evaluation activities include: development of a strategic plan and monitor its implementation, overseeing the implementation of the M&E strategy, developing of M&E tools for the various programmes and make analysis of data collected from them, coordinating the overall M&E system including an MIS database for purposes of information generation, reporting, documentation, dissemination and feedback; and facilitate evaluations of the Strategic Plan and its projects and programmes.

3. Research, Advocacy and communication

This unit supports all other programmes within the council. It establishes and has Research, advocacy and communication strategies and policies within the council operationalized. The unit is also mandated to develop, produce and disseminate IEC materials, be a media Liaison, oversee the Resource Centre and other research and communication related duties.