Disarm your citizens, the church calls on Kenya and South Sudan

The Executive Secretary of Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC), Rev. Fr. Dr Silvester Arinaitwe Rwomukubwe participated in a meeting on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in Kenya on 19-20th/02/2015
The meeting was aimed at analyzing the spread of illegal firearms in the East African Countries. In the course of the meeting, UJCC raised its concerns that the government of Uganda has disarmed its citizens in Karamoja but the neighboring countries have failed to do the same. For example Kenya has failed to disarm its people like the Pokot Trukanas, South Sudan has also not disarmed its citizens, the Topost.As the situation stands, the people of Karamoja live in fear of being attacked by their neighbors who are armed. A vote of thanks goes to the UPDF for protecting the disarmed Karamajongs. But will this be sustainable? It is also very because it is expensive to keep the soldiers in the whole of Karamoja protecting the citizens.
Though the East African Community, UJCC is asking Kenya and South Sudan to disarm its people in order to have a sustainable leadership of peace and security in the whole region.
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