Uganda Joint Christian Council participated in the 5th National CSO Fair that was held in Hotel African from 25th-26th June 2015.
The focus was on the Post 2015 Development agenda, under the theme “Leaving No One Behind: Uganda’s Place in the Next Global Development Agenda”.

The areas for topics for the CSO Fair were on Economic dimension, Social dimension, Environment dimension and Governance dimension

The overall objective of the Fair was to showcase the work of Citizens and their Organizations in the development of Uganda.

Specific objectives were:

To Foster learning on Post 2015 Development Agenda for Citizen Awareness and Participation
To mobilize citizens and their organizations to demand for decisive action from their leaders on poverty, inequality and climate change as part of the action 2015 Global Campaign.
To provide space for networking, synergy and partnership building among CSOs to galvanized efforts towards the realization of the Post 2015 Development Agenda


The workshop took place at St. Augustine Institute in Nsambya, Kampala from 28-30/09/2015

The purpose of this workshop was to equip regional EJAC officials for election observation mobilization and coordination roles in relation to the presidential and General Parliamentary.Elections scheduled to take place in February or March, 2016.
The objectives of the workshop were as follows;

  • To equip the participants with basic knowledge and skills for election observation.
  • To discuss challenges connected with election observation.
  • To discuss the Code of Conduct for Election Observers and its importance in the election observation mission
  • To make plans for rolling out church-based election observation in the whole country


We, the participants attending the refresher training workshop on Gender Justice held at Garden Inn in Lira Municipality from 16-18 April, 2015 drawn from Acholi, Bunyoro, Lango and West Nile Ecumenical Joint Action Committees (EJACs) of the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC)

Having reviewed the implementation of the Gender Justice Project launched by UJCC in September, 2014 in our respective regions,
Noting that gender based violence is widely practised in all communities and has a negative bearing characterised by wrangles in families, break-up of marriages and deaths,
Noting that the radio is an important tool for disseminating information about the harmful consequences and dangers associated with gender based violence and gender based discrimination,
Further noting that the radio is an important tool for mobilising stakeholders including communities, groups and individuals in the fight against gender based violence and gender based discrimination,

Considering that church leaders have a vital role to play in promoting love, equality, respect for human dignity, peaceful co-existence and reconciliation among the people,
Further considering that the laity (women and men, boys and girls) through their associations such as Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild, Fathers Union, youth groups and others have an important role to play in fighting gender-based violence and gender based discrimination in our communities,
And considering the importance of proper planning, networking, and communication in enhancing the fight against gender based violence and gender based discrimination,
Do hereby make the following undertakings:

  • We shall fully cooperate with UJCC Secretariat in implementing the gender justice project in our respective regions.
  • We urge every participant to write and share a report on the refresher training workshop with his or her diocesan bishop with a copy to the Regional EJAC Chairperson.
  • We urge every participant to explore ways and means of involving church leaders, both clergy and laity at all levels, in the fight against gender based violence.
  • We call upon UJCC Secretariat to explore ways and means of extending the Access to Justice Programme to all other regions.
  • We urge every participant to advocate for the following:
    Giving project implementers the opportunity to talk to the clergy and various church groups about gender justice project in general and gender based violence in particular.
  • Use of the pulpit for purposes of disseminating information about gender based violence and gender-based discrimination and mobilising communities, groups and individuals to confront the scourge.
  • Integration of gender issues in all diocesan programmes with technical input from the relevant departments,
  • Setting aside a special week for campaign against gender based violence by the respective diocesan Bishop.

The Public way of the cross 2015

Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) held a celebration for the Ecumenical Public Way of the Cross (EPWC) at Nakivubo Stadium.

On Good Friday, Christians celebrate the Way of the Cross commemorating the first Way of the Cross that Jesus went through. In Uganda, UJCC organizes the celebration of the Way of the Cross for Christians and this year it was celebrated on 03/04/2015.The celebrations will be held under the theme: “Make every effort to preserve the Unity of the Spirit through the bond of Peace” Eph.4:3

In Kampala, the EPWC had thirteen (13) routes starting from different churches in Kampala City and all converging at Nakivubo Stadium.

This year’s Advocacy messages were as below;

  • Quality Education, Quality citizens; Play your part
  • Your vote is your voice; Let it be heard. But do not sell it
  • Advocate for a National Peace Policy.
  • We need skills Education for job creation.
  • Corruption is theft! Stop it now!
  • Reform the electoral laws for free and fair elections!
  • Christian Unity is strength, Play your part!!

Obubaka Muluganda

  • Ensomesa ey’omutindo evaamu banansi ab’omutindo. Buli omu akole ekisoboka tulongoose ensomesa.
  • Akalulu ko ly’edobooziryo, Leka liwulirwe. Naye tolitunda.
  • Twagala teeka erilambika n’okulambulula emirembe mu ggwanga lyaffe.
    • Tusse essira ku kusomesa eby’emikono tusobole okwetonderawo emirimo
    • Obuli bw’enguzi bubbi. Mubukomye kati !
    • Mukole ennongoosereza mu mateeka g’okulonda kisobozese okulonda okw’emirembe n’obwenkanya
    • Obumu mu Kurisito ge maanyi. Buli omu akole ekisoboka tubeere bumu

The celebration was very successful and therefore UJCC thanks all Ugandans who managed to attend.